The PC’s Four-way Phone Calls…<3

5 Nov

So PC had this lane-o-phone call yesterday night. LOL, but Claire bailed because she was watching 2012 with Layne and Cam. Anyways, heres the pic that I have installed from my web-cam:

Anyways, gotta jet. The PC’s coming over soon–and I don’t want them to know about this blogging-behind-your-backs situation. Bye! ❤



Back! <3

5 Nov

Heyyy, girlies! 🙂 I know right, it’s been so long!

But you know what happened? I thought too many ppl awn WP hated me so much, so I decided to be MIA for a while–and now I’m back! 🙂

Anddd, Halloween just recently passed. Let me show you what I was:

Me=Fiona Miller=In real life! 🙂

And as you can see how I really look like, I just wanted to now post what I am dressing up as:


For Halloween=real life, I was thinking of one of these super cool dresses–but I dunno which one!:(

So girlies…please help meh?! Anyways, have a happy late Halloween! 🙂


Addie and Emily:)

14 Oct

Thanks Addie and Emily so much for commenting! OMG, thank you, thank you, guys so much!!! I’ve enjoyed hearing all of those nice comments from you two, and just how much you guys support me. Anyways, have a nice holiday! My fingers are so crammed, I cannot type a lot. So, yeah. I hope you get this! Here is a quote:


Made up by moi!



Official Role-Playing Massie Block

6 Oct

Okay, so this Fass is copying This is the Fass’s blog:

Aren’t their blogs so alike? Ehmagawd, this is awkward. Anyways, my Dylan url was mixed up. Here is the real Dylan Marvil url:

Yuppers, that is her url. Goodbye.


Bitches=Not Cool

1 Oct

Gosh, what is up with everyone these days??? I’m just gonna admit it-my real name is Fiona Miller!!! Got it? Not some ‘Chloe’ chic somebody commented that is 50 years old whatever! Okay? And to Jana Nicole, I hope you believe me, okay? Just please. My name is Fiona Miller, and for that I shall make a ooc blog. Whatever this is a short post, but yeah. just a little info.

Jana Nicole-CURSING AT A 10 YEAR OLD???

28 Sep

Ehmagawd, okay why is Jana Nicole CURSING at a ten year old??? Isn’t that kinda-immature??? Gosh, your gonna make her cry! Just leave her alone, and become friends. Cause obviously this isn’t working out. Cause Jana, when you curse at a ten year old you are acting like one. Sorry about this short post-but just wanted to point that out.

If you want to comfort Chloe, email her at: and say nice things to her!

SO SO SO SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!

28 Sep

Oh my gosh, I am so so so sorry!!! I have been at the Bahamas for the week, and just completely forgot my laptop! I was going to call my friend up on the phone to ask if she was busy or anything to blog for me, but she’s much more better with Dylan!

Anyways, my mom just recently bought me this super cute bikini, and I want to just show you it right on the left side:


Okay, so center. Anyways, isn’t it just super cute???

Okay, no lets get on with what happened DURING my vaca:

A girl who’s name is Jana Nicole, role-played blog:, said some mean things about me on her blog. Here is one of them:

Gosh, why are you such a Fristen??? Gawd, maybe thats why you don’t have any fans!

Plus, she even said that I HACKED!!! Okay first off-your IP address has been set as the same as’s! Gosh, why wont you just leave it? And plus, her IP address could be the same as anyone else’s. Maybe you were the one that hacked! Anyways, goodbye.